12 Reasons why Every Tourist Love Visiting Gokarna Everytime

Gokarna is heaven for every traveler, and there are so many places that will make a place in your heart for sure. There are so many things that you can come across and here are some of the reasons that make people go to Gokarna every time on a vacation with Kahani Paradise Hotel.

Gokarna is a small holy town in Karnataka, and this place is so serene, and it helps you to meditate better. You can even visit some of the ancient shrines at this place and what else do you need to make your trip perfect. However, here are 12 reasons, places and almost everything which can make you visit Gokarna.

1) Beach Trekking

Beach trekking is fun, and you can get to explore some hidden places that will surely take away your breath.

2) Om Beach

Om beach is famous as the coast makes an Om sign and it is a holy beach.

2) Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is easily accessible with a small walk or trek which is really fun. It is one of the serene places.

3) Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwar Temple is one of the ancient shrines that you can get to visit, and this place has some immense beauty of architecture.

4) Local Market

The local market has its own beauty and its own benefits. You can come across many locals, and with that, you can get some really cheap things in this flea market.

5) Sea Food and Much More

Seafood is not that tasty, but once you have started roaming around the streets then you will come across so many amazing foods, and Gokarna is filled up with that.

6) Yoga by Beach

Yoga is healthy but yoga by the beach is something unusual, and it might turn out to be your best decision to do such a thing by the beach by Luxury Villa Gokarna.

7) Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

Sunsets and sunrises are the best things that you can get to witness at such beaches. However, in Gokarna, you can get to see the sun getting up from the horizon, and it is so beautiful.

8) Water Sports

Water Sports such as surfing, boat racing, and many things are in Gokarna which is just perfect for you to add fun. Make sure that you take necessary precautions.

9) Banana Boat Ride

You can easily find a banana boat ride on some of the famous beaches, or you can simply roam around to get one in offseason. Trust me this thing is so much fun, and with that entire thrill, you are going to love it most.

10) Camping Under the Starry Sky

Camping under a starry sky has always been a dream to many people who love to wander. Well, even if you’ve been camping in the mountains but at a beach, this thing is wholly different, and it is own kind o beautiful and exciting thing to do.

11) Instagram Worthy Pictures

Who doesn’t want to get Instagram popular? There are so many things that you can get to capture at such places, and even if you love to do astrophotography then you can go a little countryside, and some really cool photographs shall come out as a result.

12) Shack Party Nights

Shack parties are held in Gokarna, and this thing will take you back to the 90’s, and this is the best thing that you will ever come across. Gokarna parties are a bit different, and it is pure fun to party under the shacks with open mic and a beautiful shore by your side. Having dinner with your loved ones at such a place with some good music is all that you need.

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