Best Tips for IRCTC Tatkal Reservation

Suppose you have to plan your train journey in the last moment and tickets for all important trains on your route would have been booked for now. What would you do? When it comes to seat availability, you will get nothing but disappointment when it comes to enquiry about seat availability. During those emergencies, Tatkal quota has come to rescue.

In IRCTC Tatkal Scheme, Railways always book at least 7% to 10% of seats in a train under this quota for last-moment bookings. When it comes to book Tatkal tickets, you have to compete against thousands of travelers around you to secure confirmed seat. During such a short time for Tatkal booking, IRCTC Next Gen website is loaded with visitors. This is the reason why most of the users face 503 Forbidden error message. In order to ease the process, here are some of the simple tips to book tatkal tickets within 15 minutes –

Keep Your Travel List Prepared

Booking tatkal tickets is like a race against time. So, keep all details like date of journey, passenger name, age etc. prepared. On IRCTC website, simply go to “My Profile”, create “Master List” and add all passenger info. For your next bookings, you can use Master List anytime. Make another “Travel List” for the travel you need to book. Pull the details from this list at the time of booking so you can finish all formalities within minutes.

Fetch Station Codes beforehand

Most of the passengers make this blunder. Before you enter into Tatkal booking session, you shouldn’t just know about your origin and destination stations, but also station codes of them. Copy and paste their station codes on a Notepad file. You don’t want to lose your tickets just for looking for station codes once booking screen appears.

Get Passenger Details Ready

Before you enter IRCTC website or app, you should have proper name and age of the passengers typed and prepared. After you log in, every second counts to the full extent. When passenger detail page loads, just copy and paste passenger details quickly.

Decide Berth Preferences

It would ask berth preferences in the next step. You shouldn’t waste any single second here too. In this manner, you need to be smarter. There are high chances that lower berth will not be available as most of us prefer it. In that case, chances for getting tickets would be lower. So, it is better to choose any berth to make process easier.

Arrange Bank details

After selecting train, seats and class during the process of IRCTC Next Generation Tatkal ticket booking, now you have to make payment. It would ask you for bank details in Payment Gateway. If you look for Credit or Debit card, there are chances that transaction would be failed and the whole process will be ended. The session will end and you won’t get another chance to book tickets. So, keep your mobile phone and cards ready. Even better, you can also use ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ Scheme for tatkal ticket booking.

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