Essay on Independence Day for School Children

India has long been a colony of the different rulers in the world including the Britishers, the Portugese, and the others. The rule by these rulers nit only cost a lot of civilian life, but it drained much of the Indian resources. Hence, India was striving for a very long time to become an independent nation and rejoice in the resources its forefathers had built with much effort. This Indian dream was materialized on the 15th of August 1947 when India got freedom from the long-drawn and ruthless rule of the British empire. Thus, this day is since then celebrated as a national holiday and people from different parts of the country celebrate this day by hoisting the national flag and also by singing the national anthem of the country.

Since Independence, India has become a democratic community which means that the common masses of the country enjoy a number of fundamental as well as democratic rights. We are also a sovereign nation where no foreign power can interfere in the internal matters of the nation.

The day is highly significant as it commemorates the struggle of the great Indian freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the Independence of the nation. This day reminds us that today we are safe and independent because of the sacrifice made by our forefathers. It teaches us how to remain selfless and to never forget the importance of this day. It brings about a sense of humility is all the Indians.

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