Indian Railways – A network like no other

Due to large population in the country, IRCTC Next Generation provides better way of transportation in all the way to different parts of the country. Indian Railways ranks second in the world according to his size with nearly 121,407 kilometres of track over a 67,378 km route. Half of the train routes are modified with electricity of 25 KV AC traction while thirty percent are double or multi tracked. The Indian Railways is subsidised by IRCTC and people use IRCTC login to book tickets.

Indian Railways are nationalised in 1951 and now total train is 12617 carries over 23 million passengers  daily which is equal to total Australia’s population connecting 7172 stations and nearly 3 million times of fright. Indian  Railways is fully maintained  by government of India and is operated by Ministry of Railways. The fourth-largest railway network in the world by size maintained  by Indian Railways. All trains contains 5 digit numbering system to identify. Either mail or express train runs an average speed of nearly 50km/hr and average speed of fright  train is 24 km per hour. All India is connected to railway either of high range mountains or area near to sea level. IRCTC Next Gen  are divided into 17 zones headed by general manager who reports to the chairman and then transfer to the Ministry of Railways.

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