Pros & Cons of a Dry Iron

As the name suggests, a dry iron is a kind of iron which doesn’t have a water tank to fill to form steam on the clothes. It works well without water and it still irons clothing properly. Steam irons are very common these days. There are many of us who still prefer dry iron for some reasons. Like any other electronic gadget, dry irons also come with some problems. Here are some of the pros and cons of dry iron. you can also check our list for the best dry iron in India.

Pros of Dry Iron

Water Tank

Dry iron has no water tank. So, you don’t have to refill and empty the tank. Even better, there is no risk of spits and leaks that can stain your clothes. In addition, steam irons have a lot of complaints related to leaks which can soak up the board. They often spit dark drops on the clothes which could cause permanent staining on your clothes. So, Dry iron can save you from annoyance of steam model.

Easy to use

Dry iron usually comes as a basic model. There is nothing in it that can confuse you. It just has a knob or dial to control heat settings. It is simply based on the concept of ironing your clothes, that’s it.

Cons of Dry Iron

Low heat

One of the major issues with dry iron is that it doesn’t heat enough. Problem with power connections, wrong thermostat setting, problem with switch etc. are some of the common problems behind improper heat.

Clothes stick to iron

Another common problem with dry iron is that iron may stick to the fabric or clothes. It is usually because of burnt soleplate. It usually happens because of regular use that some fabrics stick and burn. It is possibly because of soleplate which is burnt. Hence, fabric also sticks to the deposits.

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