15 Best Mobile Brands in India – (Top Smartphone Companies)

A quintessential part of modern day lifestyle is the adept use of technology around us. The days when we thought of mobile phones and all as just a miniature part of our life is long gone. These days, mobile phones have become a heralded part of our daily routine.

In a nation like India, where the economy is growing at a fast pace, the use of mobile phones is striking cloud nine. We have a plethora of options with us ranging from the low-end phones to the high-end feature laden smartphones in India ones. And with the growing needs of the time, the sales of mobile phones are breaking new grounds.

That has certainly put mobile brands on the forefront these days. We here as part of our entry will look into the best-selling mobile brands in India. Join in as we dig deep through these eccentric brands and post our top pick.

Let’s start the show then, shall we?

15. Intex

Intex once was earmarked as a growing player among the Indian smartphone companies only to see its growth stunt down with the emergence of other competing companies. The company sold entry level phones along with quite a few mid-range feature-packed smartphones.

The company does have a number in the entry level segment but it’s the mid-range one where they lost significant ground.

14. Karbonn

Another of those Indian mobile companies, Karbonn too retained quite a presence in the past. But these days, they are restricted to lesser sales than that of an earlier adherent to the entry of other companies.

Karbonn still has its presence intact in budget range and entry range phones of which they still remain the proud top sellers.

13. HTC

HTC, the Taiwanese company which made its mark as one of the best smartphone makers in the world, has been ever present in India. Their phones are loved for their performance and designs.

Their HTC One series was much loved for flagship performance and specs. Their recent Ultra series to has hit the shelves running and has seen great sales in recent times.

12. Le Eco

Once heralded as the best pick for anyone seeking a feature-packed smartphone in mid-range, Le Eco slowly has shifted its gaze from India. They first ventured into the Indian stream with Le Eco Le 1s and Le Pro1 of which they made quite a sales.

They further came with the successors of the same, but due to their cash crunch and high splurge on the marketing of which they recovered just a few, they have slowly cut back on the offerings in India.

Still, their acquisition of Coolpad has increased their portfolio to great lengths.

11. Huawei

Huawei, another pick from the Chinese players in the market, is something you can trust on. They have long been in telecom business before they ventured out in the smartphone industry.

Their phones bear great performance metrics and are loved for it. Their Honor series was one of the most popular options for Indian users for its powerful specs at amid-range price. They also have the P9 model which offers the flagship specs and can battle it out with any phone of recent times.

10. Google

With this one, we’re into the top 10 mobile brands.

Google has been a top player in the Indian smartphone market. Their Nexus offering was close to what you can get when asked for perfection in a smartphone. The Nexus series is still going strong these days but it’s their recent Pixel offering that has garnered great fame.

Google Pixel is a close competitor to the Samsung’s Galaxy series and the Apple’s iPhone and does serve as a viable option to those two. It is also backed by the powerful camera and great performance.

7. One Plus 

One Plus, a name synonymous with flagship mobile phone is what comes next in our list. They have been one of those frontrunners when it comes to offerings the best power-packed performance based flagship smartphones at a price that the bigger players can never afford to give.

Their One Plus 1, 2 and 3 saw unprecedented sales numbers over the years. Their recent offering One Plus 3T has garnered the same levels of sales and appeal as that of earlier ones.

8. Micromax

Micromax, although recommended to have fallen from grace in recent times, still retains great charm among Indian users. Their phones have been a fine choice for many throughout and it’s a reason why they make into the Top7 in the sales chart. Only one of those Indian mobile brands to still retain the market.

They offer great budget options in entry level phones while their recent dual camera phone is set to hit the market with great backing. Their Canvas series of mid-range smartphones also sold in great numbers.

7. Lenovo

Lenovo remains a fine option for people out there in the Indian market. Its presence in the Top 5 of the sales chart for the last year showcases their might and popularity among the Indian users. Lenovo is known for innovative offerings and their range of mobile phone truly usher that.

It offers the Vibe K-series in the mid-range segment with the Z-series and more competing in the higher price bracket. Their products often come with Dolby Digital sound integration and have great build quality.

6. Moto by Lenovo

We could have included Moto along the Lenovo part, but we wanted to give tribute to it as it truly deserves. Moto after its sales to Google was the first one to rock the Indian smartphone market with its offering back in the day like E-series and G-series.

Those two series still remain one of the most loved ones from them till this day. The company was later sold to Lenovo who continued the legacy with the additions in the G-series and E-series. They further came with Z-series which comes with Moto Mods attachment option, one of the next gen options.

5. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has hit the Indian market with a great strike in these past three years with their offerings. They started off with the Redmi 1 Series of which they sold numerous units. They followed with their finest budget range offerings Redmi Note 3 and Redmi 3S variant.

In fact, the Redmi 3S sold over 4 million sets in 9 months. They then followed it with Redmi Note 4 which hit more than 1.5 million sales in just 2 months. They also have the high-end variant sold as Mi 5.

The company is set to launch Redmi 4 deemed to be a successor to Redmi 3S and 3S Prime. The said model will come in three different ram and storage variants. Their mobile sets come with metal unibody and fingerprint scanner in most variants.

4. Vivo

It seems the market is dominated by the Chinese mobile companies these days. And why won’t they be? They tend to offer better value for money for their mobile phones than any other brands in the market. It’s a reason why we see them top the sales chart in India this past year.

Their offerings include the V-Series which is the flagship variant of the brand while there’s also a Y-Series which offers a budget option. The recent Vivo V5 Plus from them is known for its camera quality and music application.

The company earmarked aggressive marketing and branding to increase their repertoire in India.

3. Oppo

Branded as the camera phone, Oppo is another of those Chinese mobile phones in the market. The smartphone has launched back a couple of years ago and saw unprecedented growth in its sales.

Oppo marked their presence with the launch of F1 Plus, the camera phone. The phone became an instant hit and made Oppo a prime choice among youth and alike. They proceeded to launch the smaller variant of the same as F1 which to garnered fame.

The aggressive marketing and sales technique, Oppo made itself one of the bigger players in the market. And with their recent Dual Selfie Camera enabled, F3 Plus and F3, Oppo is sure to stand tall in the market.

2. Apple

Nothing beats Apple when it comes to mobile phone offerings. They are often the undisputed king in the world with only Samsung coming in close to competition. Their phones or shall we say iPhones are a great pick to have for.

iPhones feature one of the best integration ever made by mankind and has been known for their range of features and camera offering. Their recent iPhone 7 and 7 Plus quite rightly hit the market in full force. The recent updated model of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in red color too made quite a stir.

1. Samsung


The evergreen top of the pile brand in the mobile market, Samsung is one to go with. It has been there for ages and continues to offer great options still today. In fact, even eclipsing what they previously offered.

Samsung’s portfolio of mobile phones ranges from the basic entry level ones to the gorgeous and the most beautiful phone of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has also quite a few segments like J-Series which met with overwhelming support along with the high-end C-series and A-Series.

Their recent option, the S8 and S8 plus stands as the best smartphone in India and something you can aim to lay your hands on.

Many would question us on the non-inclusion of Sony, Infocus, Asus, Meizu and more. But since we’re talking about the best selling brands of mobile phones in India right now, we choose to skip them as they couldn’t come close to the parameters set by us.  As for Nokia, it’s relaunch is still to hit the market and as such, we skipped it too.

Well, that’s all from us on the top mobile brands in India. We will be back with another one the next time round. Till then, Adios.

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